Softlogue uses various processes, tools and technology to secure customers and contents. Data in transit, we use SSL/TLS digital certificate to encrypt the traffic. Use Web Application firewall to protect against DDOS attacks, BOTS and web related attacks. We follow strict process and timely perform upgrade on any security related patches We use wordpress plugins to track malicious login activities or spam posts. Adapted zero trust policy, block access by design and allow only legitimate access.
Softlogue uses compression technology (Zip) to serve images, java script, fonts and CSS files. Enable caching at various levels to load content quickly, WordPress plugins to optimize the web contents. We use the right pixel size and right size resolution to optimize the image size speed,web search engines use website loading time as one of the factors to rank the search results
We are using industry leading tools to monitor the websites and Web application firewalls to alert any malicious activities, our 24/7 support team will get an email alert to research and stop malicious requests or cyberattack
On daily basis, we back up wordpress folder and database contents, schedule jobs move the backup contents to secure cloud server. We have 30 day restore points to restore from backup system.
Softlogue cyber security analyst, web developer, and Web content technology developer create the theme or plugin based on customer needs. Additionally, Softlogue cybersecurity team analyzes the plugin and theme before we install on customer websites
For all wordpress sites, we use wordpress plugins to migrate the content and database. Once we move to Softlogue hosting platform we enabled SSL and other security related features. If the site is developed by WIX ,Shopfiy, or Godaddy, our web developers analyze the site and suggest option to migrate. No charge for site migrations.
Wordpress platform exist for last 16+ years and one of the world leading CMS platform. It is used by over 32% of websites around the globe built on open source technologies example, PHP, MySQL, Apache HTTP Server provides lot of flexibility and plugins. With ease of use we can spin up a WordPress site within 5 minutes with necessary plugins for speed, digital marketing, web security, ecommerce, Web Trend analysis. Simple and easy to migrate from one hosting vendor to other hosting vendor. Not tied with WIX or Shopify proprietary platform.
Here are the top 10 reasons to choose softlogue over competitors
  • we enable the below list of features by default on all the sites built on Intermediate or Advanced hosting plan
    1. SSL/TLS for encrypting traffic
      Web Cache to boost SEO ranking
      Setup automatic backup and recovery
      Enable Web Application firewall to safeguard from attacker
      Access to 100+ premium themes and plugins
      24/7/365 Monitoring for site availability
      Assist customer to develop Web content
      Integrate Contact us form with lead generations or ticketing software
      Enable Captcha for Contact us forms
      Protect against fake BOTS and SPAMS
      Unlimited web traffic